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Company Headquarters

USA Headquarter:136-17 39th Ave., #1B Flushing NY 11354, North America Toll Free:1-866-690-4888

Hong Kong Headquarter:Royal Natural (Hong Kong) Limited,
5/F, International Trade Tower, 348 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Tel:+852-6900-0280

24Hours/7Days Customer Service Centre

Royal Natural emphasizes on customer inquiries and pays attention to customer needs regarding our products and services. We uphold a competitive, sincere, efficient, and high-quality service approach. We re-integrate and perform four major channels of customer feedback service. Royal Natural (Hong Kong) Limited provides high quality customer service such as products consulting, after-sales inquiries, feedback, complaints and suggestions.contact us



Official Website: www.bpropolis.com

Email: operation@royalnatural.ca

Global Distribution

North American toll free: 1-866-690-4888

New York city, NY USA: +1-718-461-2988

Toronto : +1-416-888-6068

Los Angeles, CA USA: +1-626-208-9077

San Francisco CA USA: +1-408-520-9668

※ certain areas not covered by the free telecommunications, please call:

Sydney Australia: +61-(0)404008655, 404611135, 410882053

Hong Kong China: +852-6900-0280

Singapore/Thailand etc. Area -Chia Sin Holdings Pte Ltd: +65-9001-0865

Health consultation

The Global 24 Hours / 7 Days Health consultation

USA/Canada toll free: 1-866-690-4888

※ certain areas not covered by the free telecommunications, please call:

Customer service center

Royal Natural (Hong Kong) Limited. 24Hours/7Days Customer Service Centre

You are also encouraged to call the Royal Natural (Hong Kong) Limited 24hours/7days service hotline, or mail us letter, or send us E-mail: service@royalnatural.ca, or visit our official website: www.bpropolis.com to check our distribution network and contact information.

The Global 24 Hours / 7 Days Customer Service Hotline

Toll free: 1-866-690-4888

※ certain areas not covered by the free telecommunications, please call:

Toronto Canada: +1-416-888-6868

New York U.S.A: +1-718-461-2988

Sydney Australia: +61-(0)404008655, 404611135, 410882053

Hong Kong China: +852-6900-0280

Merchants to join

Join Condition:

● Dealers should have service industry related knowledge, and should be familiar with product-line operation. For Dealer that has relating experiences in health care, health products or the food industry would be first considered.

● Dealers should have a certain economic strength and sales channels, and should have  registered company

● For Dealer that has good business reputation, good record of operations, and high customer satisfaction, company can recognize it as the golden Dealer, and award the golden Medals

● Dealers should agree with the marketing strategy concept of Royal Natural (Hong Kong) Limited., and comply with the regulations that set by the company.

● In order to prevent any unfair competition, Dealers will be required to sign the market regulations contract with the company.

Join Policy:

●   Marketing policy:

      Advertising for Dealers

      Product information and training provided for Dealers with more effective sales model

●   Product promotion policy:

      Free relating newspapers, magazines, and other media promotional materials provided for Dealers on a regular basis

●   Price promotion policy:

      All related information and posters of products provided for Dealers for free

●   Exclusive policy

      Providing free shipping for North American Dealers

      Outstanding Dealers will be topped on the company official website

Joining process:

join us

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